Czereśniowa po angielsku – wiosna

Zakładałam tego bloga z myślą, że chcę nieść innym rodzicom realną pomoc w ich wielojęzycznej codzienności. Wpisy motywujące i oscylujące wokół teorii są oczywiście również potrzebne i wspierające, ale teoria to jedno, a praktyka drugie.

Wiem z własnego doświadczenia, że często to nie motywacja jest problemem, a inne prozaiczne czynniki z brakiem czasu na czele. Czas jest w życiu każdego rodzica towarem deficytowym i nieważne, jak bardzo nam zależy, doby nie da się wydłużyć. Dlatego tak bardzo pragnę przygotowywać dla Was praktyczne pomoce w postaci gotowców. Jak na pewno już wiecie, pracuję obecnie intensywnie nad kolejnymi e-bookami z gotową, profesjonalnie opracowaną wiedzą. Pochłania to cały mój wolny czas, ponieważ każde słowo jest skrupulatnie sprawdzane przeze mnie oraz moich dwóch korektorów. Niemniej udało nam się „na boku” przygotować dla Was coś, co próbowałam zorganizować już od dawna.

Niniejszym zapraszam na cykl Czereśniowa po angielskuoraz Czereśniowa po niemiecku”. Dziś na bloga zawitała wiosna, co by umilić nam oczekiwanie na tę prawdziwą. Celem serii jest pokazanie Wam, w jaki sposób można korzystać z książek obrazkowych we wprowadzaniu języków obcych w domowym zaciszu. W założeniu ma być to głównie pomoc dla początkujących, dlatego zdania z założenia miały być jak najprostsze i zrozumiałe (nie kwieciste i rozbudowane). Dla Waszej wygody przygotowałam również gotowe pliki z glosariuszem do pobrania w formie PDF dostępne na końcu wpisu. Zatem nie czekajcie i chodźcie ze mną na spacer po ulicy Czereśniowej:)

Wersja niemiecka

Materiały zostały przygotowane na podstawie książki pt. „Wiosna na ulicy Czereśniowej” za zgodą wydawcy
© il. Susanne Rotraut Berner
© Wydawnictwo Dwie Siostry, Warszawa, 2012
Tyt. oryg.: Frühlings-Wimmelbuch (2004)

(Ukośnik każdorazowo oznacza dwie wersje: pierwsza to wersja brytyjska a druga amerykańska. Pamiętajmy jednak, że nie zawsze podziały te są sztywne. Traktujmy je jako preferencje mieszkańców UK i USA).

Grafiki pochodzą ze strony

This book presents the life of the residents of Czereśniowa Street when the spring comes round. The cover of the book depicts a cherry tree in full bloom. Everyone is happy that it’s warm and the sun is shining. The girl is swinging on the swing standing up, and another is reading a book. The goose is looking at a frog. The cat is basking in the sun. The bin men/garbage men are driving to work. The older man is pulling a wooden wagon. The boy is doing a forward roll and the other boy is licking an ice-cream cone. In the bottom left corner, we can see the author of the book, the woman with the polka-dotted ball.

Page 1

On the first page, we can see a large house. It’s really quite big. It looks like a big family lives there. The grandma is going for a walk. She is waving to the grandpa. He’s taking out the rubbish/trash. The bin lorry/garbage truck has come to empty the rubbish bin/garbage bin. The fox is rummaging for food in the rubbish bin/garbage bin. There are broken bottles on the street. They’re very dangerous, so the woman is keeping her dog on a short lead/leash. The dog is barking at the fox. The baby is crying in the pram/baby carriage and the mother is trying to calm her child down. The father and his daughter were riding a bicycle and probably ran over the broken glass. Now they have a puncture/flat tire. Kasia, the woman in the yellow beret, is riding a scooter. Who can we see on the roof? It’s a chimney sweep cleaning the chimney! A lot of birds are sitting on the tree, including starlings, blue tits, and a thrush. The woodpecker is tapping its beak on the tree bark, looking for bark beetles. We can also see a pair of squirrels. A parrot is sitting in the cage on the balcony. The washing/laundry is hanging out to dry on an airer/a drying rack. The children living in the house left their toys in the sandpit/sandbox: a bucket, a shovel, sand moulds/molds, and toy cars. I think they also played badminton (there are badminton rackets and a shuttlecock/birdie on the ground). There’s a teddy bear sitting on the swing. The flowers are blooming in the garden. They are watered with a garden hose and a watering can.

Page 2

On this page, we can see a farm with many different animals. There are cows, pigs, geese, hens, chicks and a rooster, all looking for some grain to eat. One farmer is pushing a wheelbarrow, and another one is hammering posts into the ground. He’s building a fence. The third farmer is spreading fertiliser/fertilizer on the fields. The fox is trying to catch a goose. The woman is airing out the bedding. The wind turbines are spinning, generating electricity. The stork is returning after the winter. The lady in the red car is probably heading out for a bike ride. She has a bike on the roof rack. The tanker is transporting milk. Still on her scooter, Kasia has lost her beret, but she hasn’t noticed. The children are playing football/soccer. A hot air balloon is flying over the city. A new road is being built. The operators of the excavator, the tipper truck/dump truck and the roadroller/steamroller are working very hard. The woodcutter is cutting a birch with a chainsaw and his helper is stacking up the logs. We can see the city in the distance. At the petrol station/gas station, the lady is fuelling her taxi. The bin men/garbage men are still looking for containers to unload. The father is replacing the inner tube in the bike tyre/tire in the garage and his daughter is feeding the goat. Who is feeding the donkey? The customer from the fruit and vegetable stand is handing it an apple.

Page 3

This page shows the railway station/train station. The train has already arrived, and the passengers are getting off onto the platform. Two women are greeting each other. The mum/mom has lost her son, can you see him? The little boy is crying and screaming loudly. What does that man need the chairs for? Maybe he’ll take them upstairs. The nuns are buying sandwiches in the kiosk. Next to them, the man is trying to buy tickets at the ticket machine. I think it’s broken. Many travellers are taking the escalator to the café on the top floor. The clock shows a quarter past twelve. The worker in the safety harness is painting the station walls. I think he likes the blonde woman because he’s smiling at her. The mother and daughter are exercising on the balcony. The fishmonger is feeding the cats. Nearby, the street musician is sitting with a dog on his lap. He is playing a harmonica and is collecting money. The sailor is buying tickets at the ticket office. The dog is pulling on its owner because it wants to play with the other dog. The dark-haired girl is picking up her friend from the railway station/train station. Or perhaps it’s her sister? The traveller is pushing a luggage trolley/luggage cart with a lot of luggage on it. The couple is hugging. They probably missed each other.

Page 4

There is a lot going on in the city centre/center. The construction workers are building a new kindergarten/preschool. One of them is mixing cement, while another is arranging bricks. We can see a tall crane at the construction site. The crane operator must have a good view from up there. The people on the balconies are watering the flowers. The man named Edward has slipped on a banana peel! It must have hurt. Kasia has noticed that she’s lost her beret. There is a room for children on the ground floor of the culture centre/center. The children are having breakfast and two of them are fighting over a plate. Easter is getting closer, which is why we can see Easter eggs and willow catkins on display. The author is reading his book to the audience on the first/second floor. There is a library one floor above, where we can borrow books. There’s an exhibition about dinosaurs on the top floor.

Page 5

At the market there are stands with flowers, plants and garden tools. The stork has got back to its nest and its family. The nuns have reached the restaurant. The children are playing by the fountain. They’re splashing each other with water. A nice lady is dressing the wound on Edward’s hand. Her name is Agnieszka and her dachshund is called Tuptuś. Tuptuś probably doesn’t like Agnieszka’s new friend. Oh no! The children have broken the glass window in the bookshop/bookstore with the ball. The policeman is probably telling them that they should be playing football/soccer on the pitch/field. There is a dental practice above this bookshop/bookstore. The bin men/garbage men are empting the next rubbish bin/garbage bin. The fox is still hunting the goose and the man in a black hat is chasing them. The girl is putting the letter in the postbox/mailbox. The residents are doing the spring cleaning in their houses. A gentleman from the top floor has poured water on his neighbour/neighbor below! The cyclist noticed the girl carrying a heavy flower pot. I think he’ll decide to help her.

Page 6

On this page, we can see the shopping centre/shopping mall. Customers typically come here by car and park in the multistorey/parking garage. Some come by bus and get off at the bus stop in front of the building. The lady in a red cap has parked at the bus stop! The police officer will give her a ticket for parking in a prohibited spot. The cyclist is pushing his bike, transporting the flower pot on the rear rack and talking to his new friend. Edward is buying new trousers/pants in the clothing shop/store because he fell and ripped his own pair. Agnieszka is holding the rose that Edward gave her. The mother with her baby in a baby carrier is leaving the shop/store. The nuns are going up the escalator to the shoe shop/store. On the top floor there is also a toy shop/store. One of the mothers is playing with her child in the tunnel. In the toy shop/store, we can buy trampolines, bouncy riders, musical instruments, skipping ropes/jump ropes, soft/plush toys, bowling pins and even a microscope! The lady with the pram/baby carriage is coming out of the lift/elevator into the store/shop. Let’s look at what’s going on in the garage. The cats are likely to hide in the boot/trunk of one of the cars! In the bottom right corner, we can see that the man has caught the goose to protect it from the fox. Where will he take it?

Page 7

On the last page, we can see that the gentleman in the black hat has brought the goose to the lake. The residents of Czereśniowa Street have gathered here to relax after a tiring day. The nuns are eating ice cream. The bin men/garbage collectors come into the café to have a glass of lemonade. Two cats have also come to the lake in the boot/trunk of a car. At the playground, the children are sliding down the slide and making sand pies in the sandpit/sandbox. They are also swinging on the seesaw. The gardener is sleeping in a wheelbarrow in the shade of a tree. The grandma has also arrived. There is also a small zoo here. There are ponies, ostriches, kangaroos, deer, llamas, pigs, goats and rabbits. Swans and ducks with their ducklings are swimming on the lake. The hot air balloon has landed. It must have been a wonderful trip. The boy on the balance bike noticed that the llama is eating Kasia’s new hat! And who stole her old one? Look at the cherry tree. Will the magpie build a nest in the yellow beret?

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