seria Ulica Czereśniowa

Seria „Ulica Czereśniowa” powraca – część o zimie po angielsku

Co powiecie na uczenie dzieci angielskiego w domu w długie zimowe wieczory z ukochaną kartonówką na kolanach? Czy seria „Ulica Czereśniowa” gości też w Waszych domach? Większość rodziców pewnie pokiwa w tym momencie głową. Gotowe zdania i zwroty po angielsku z poręcznym glosariuszem dodadzą Wam poczucia pewności podczas opowiadania o tym, co tym razem wydarzyło się na ulicy Czereśniowej.

Dzięki uprzejmości jednej z mam z naszej społeczności, która wykonała najbardziej pracochłonną pracę i opisała wszystko, co się dzieje na kartach tej części popularnej serii Ulica Czereśniowa, po raz kolejny wracam do Was z praktyczną, darmową ściągawką. Teksty zostały oczywiście sprawdzone również przez native speakerów. Życzę wielu miłych chwil przy ciepłej herbatce, a jeśli doceniacie włożoną pracę, to po prostu pamiętajcie o udostępnieniu tego wpisu dalej, aby mógł dotrzeć do większej liczby rodziców. Plik PDF do pobrania znajdziecie na końcu wpisu!

Wersja niemiecka

Materiały zostały przygotowane na podstawie książki z serii Ulica Czereśniowa pt. „Zima na ulicy Czereśniowej” za zgodą wydawcy
© il. Susanne Rotraut Berner
© Wydawnictwo Dwie Siostry, Warszawa, 2016
Tyt. oryg.: Winter-Wimmelbuch (2003)

(Ukośnik każdorazowo oznacza dwie wersje: pierwsza to wersja brytyjska a druga amerykańska. Pamiętajmy jednak, że nie zawsze podziały te są sztywne. Traktujmy je jako preferencje mieszkańców UK i USA).

seria ulica czereśniowa po angielsku
Grafiki pochodzą ze strony

It’s winter. Winter is really great. We can have a lot of fun! Have you ever tried to catch a snowflake, make footprints in the snow, or have a snowball fight? There’s a tree in the middle of a little hill. It has already shed its leaves for winter. A woodpecker is pecking the tree. There are also other kinds of birds – an owl, a parrot, and a crow. A squirrel and a cat are sitting on branches. In winter it’s usually cold! Fortunately, some snow has fallen, and there’s a lot of fresh white powder on the ground. It looks like it’s cold outside, as the children are wearing warm jackets, scarves, gloves or mittens, wooly hats, and warm boots. The kids went sledging/sledding. One of the boys is pulling his sledge/sled uphilland two children are sledging/sledding downhill. Oh no! There’s a glove lying on the ground. Who has lost it? The girl who’s making a snowman. A snowman is a figure made out of snow. It has stones for a mouth, buttons for eyes, a carrot for a nose, and a black hat. But it doesn’t have a coat! Do you think it’s cold? The snowman might need some clothes to keep it warm. Look at the girl in the blue snowsuit. The goose is pulling on her plait/braid. That must hurt. A man has taken off his gloves and started to play the guitar. He’s busking and collecting money in his hat. A woman is pushing a pushchair/stroller. Her baby is covered in a thick blanket.

Page 1

There’s a bus on the road. What do you think? Is the bus going to the city centre/downtown? There are people waiting at the bus stop. They’re going to get on the bus. Some passengers are sitting in the bus and passing the time in different ways – one woman is reading the book, another man is playing the guitar. Can you see the sandpit/sandbox and the swing? There’s nobody outside the house. I think cold weather turned them off. The postman/mailman has to be outside. It’s his job to deliver the post/mail to mailboxes. He delivers letters on foot. The dog has noticed the parrot and wants to run off to catch it. Someone has built a feeder and left it on the table in the garage. There are still some nails scattered on a table. The grandma is airing out the bedding on the balcony. A teddy bear is lying on a bed. Someone has covered him with a duvet/comforter. Can you see the cactus in the pot? The spines on it are very sharp. You can prick your finger on them. On the right we can see a Christmas tree – it is decorated with baubles and stars. In the kitchen, a mummy is waiting for the rest of her family. The table is already set. Have you noticed the parrot sitting on a railing? It’s escaped its cage. There is smoke coming out of the chimney. People are feeding some bread to the birds.

Page 2

On this page, we can see a farm with animals. Most of the animals are in their pens. There are only few animals outside, including hens, a cock/rooster, and a few geese. We can also see a man riding his horse. Can you see the rabbit? It’s running away, because the dog is trying to catch it. The dog has run off and its owner is running after it. In winter, there aren’t many seasonal fruits and vegetables available. At a fruit and vegetable stand, a saleswoman is selling carrots, potatoes, apples, cabbages, and onions. What is the donkey stealing from the basket? A cat is walking on a roof. Cats can walk very carefully and have very flexible spines, so they always land on their feet. Look at the man running along the street. He has lost his wallet and key!

Page 3

On this page, we can see lots of people in a hurry. The railway station is crowded even though it’s late. Many people are taking the escalator to get to the cafe to get a cup of coffee. The women in the yellow jacket is walking very fast to catch the bus. I think she’s late, so she has to run. She’s holding an umbrella in her hand. It’s a good idea to have an umbrella in case it rains or snows. The girl in the pink skirt is carrying her ice skates. She is going skating. What has she found? The man’s key. Another man is riding a bike with his daughter. She spotted the parrot. Can you see it? It’s sitting on the roof of the bus. Do you think it might fall down when the bus speeds up? Don’t worry, parrots can fly very well. In the distance, a lorry/truck with a very long trailer is carrying trees. I wonder if they are Christmas trees? At the fish shop/store, the fishmonger is working hard. He is selling carp and other fish for Christmas Eve supper. As usual, the cat is trying to get something for itself. It might be a little bit hungry. What’s that strange looking animal in the fridge? It’s an octopus! There’s a long queue/line of people wanting to buy train tickets. One woman is getting very impatient and is nervously looking at her watch. On the right side, a man is trying to buy a train ticket from the ticket vending machine. He’s kicking the machine – I think it might be broken. Can you see the man standing in front of the train? He’s a train guard/conductor. His job is to assist passengers at railway stations, loading and unloading their luggage. In the middle of the station, next to the kiosk there’s a couple leaning against a concrete post and kissing. The elderly women in the grey coat is waking with her cane. The man walking behind her is carrying ski equipment. He’s probably going on a ski trip. Have you ever learned how to ski?

Page 4

It has started to snow. It’s getting colder. A new nursery school/preschool is being built. The man in the blue digger is digging a deep hole in the ground. They will pour the foundation of the building in the hole. Another man is carrying away the excess soil with the dumper/dump truck. They are very busy. There is also a caravan/trailer at the construction site. What is it for? It might be for the workers to take a rest – to warm up a little, use the bathroom, get something to eat, or change their clothes. There are two posters hanging on the fence around the construction site. They are about the Christmas concert and Christmas market that will take place at the community centre/center. On the top floor there is an art exhibition. There are a few framed paintings hanging on the wall. People who like art came to see the unique paintings and pictures. I think it’s only the children that don’t find them interesting. Below the museum there is a library. Some children are reading books at a table, while others are queueing/lining up to borrow them. On the first/second floor, a singer is rehearsing for the upcoming concert. I would love to come and listen to her. On the ground floor, some children are dancing in the circle. Maybe they are preparing for a children’s Christmas concert. One of the boys is late, so the teacher encourages him to come inside. Kids love having their artwork on the wall, so the teacher hung it up. On the left, a man is decorating the Christmas tree. He climbed up to the very top of a ladder. He brought many ornaments, such as little angels, little stars, and the biggest star for the top of the tree! He forgot about the fairy lights and tinsel. There has been an accident on the road! A woman ran into a traffic sign with her car. She has already secured the area by setting up a warning triangle on the road. Lots of people have come to see what happened. People are amazed not by the accident but by the parrot sitting on the traffic sign. A police car has arrived and one of the police officers is writing down the details of the accident.

Page 5

What is happening in the city centre/downtown? People are enjoying walking around the Christmas market. There are many stands with food and drinks to buy. A woman at a table is selling Advent wreaths, mistletoe, plants, and other decorations. Under the blue tent, a man is selling Christmas treats: crescent buns, sweets/candy, chocolate, jelly sweets/candies, marshmallows, and all sort of candy canes and gingerbread biscuits/cookies. The water in the fountain has been turned off because it may freeze. It looks very Christmassy because it’s decorated with a wreath and candles. A man is selling Christmas trees under a big tree. He has various sizes: from very little to quite large. Can you see the girl who found the man’s key? She noticed that he was looking for it and gave it back to him. I guess he is very grateful. Next to him there’s a man dressed as a clown. He is entertaining people on the street. He is doing a show with his little pony. They probably are earning money to buy some Christmas gifts for their loved ones.

Page 6

A lot of people went to the shopping centre/mall. They are getting ready for Christmas. They are buying some gifts for their family and friends. We can see a man in a wheelchair. He is disabled and needs help getting around. A grandmother and her granddaughter are standing on the other side of the street and waiting for the green light. Santa is standing next to them! He arrived at the centre/mall on his motorbike. He probably needs to get some gifts for children. One woman went for a walk with her dog and noticed Christmas trees, so she decided to get one. Now she has to carry it all the way home! I think it’s a little bit heavy. There’s a Christmas sale and everything in the shop is marked down a few percent. There’s a toy shop on the third floor. The children are enjoying their time playing with various toys. This shop is designed like a small playroom, but with toys you can buy. We can see a rocking horse, soft/plush toys, various vehicles, various balls, dolls and a doll’s house/dollhouse. We can see also a ski shop/store. You can buy skis, ski boots, and ski poles there. Two men are sitting and trying on some ski boots.

Page 7

On the last page, we see people doing some sports. Winter is a great season to stay ‘cosy/cozy’ at home with blankets and hot drinks. The sun sets earlier, and people prefer to stay inside. But some people enjoy being outside. The pond is frozen and covered in a layer of ice. It’s fun to skate on a frozen pond, but it’s safer to go to an ice rink. Kids are playing, making snowballs and throwing them at each other. Other children are skiing on a hill. Can you see the people sledging/sledding down the hill? One of them is holding a cat on his lap. The playground is almost empty. Somebody left their boots and bag on the bench. There are only few animals left in the mini zoo – ponies and llamas. Some birds are eating seeds that people left in the bird feeder for them. A squirrel is sitting on the roof and eating an acorn. In the cafe, people are warming up with hot coffee and mulled wine. They enjoy spending time together. One of the men is sitting in a wheelchair and another is smoking a cigarette. The waiter is taking orders and delivering food to the customers. Women are greeting each other by shaking hands. A man dressed in a tracksuit/sweatsuit is coming into the cafe to get some rest after running.

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