Lato na Ulicy Czereśniowej – po angielsku

Jak nauczyć dziecko angielskiego? Opowiadając mu ulubione książki! Lato powoli mija, ale w długie jesienne wieczory fajnie będzie je powspominać, nieprawdaż? Z tej okazji dzielę się z Wami kolejną częścią opowieści o losach mieszkańców ulicy Czereśniowej po angielsku. Oto „Lato na ulicy Czereśniowej”!

Celem serii jest pokazanie Wam, w jaki sposób można korzystać z książek obrazkowych we wprowadzaniu języków obcych w domowym zaciszu. W założeniu ma być to głównie pomoc dla początkujących, dlatego zdania z założenia miały być jak najprostsze i zrozumiałe. Dla Waszej wygody przygotowałam również gotowe pliki z glosariuszem do pobrania w formie PDF (link na końcu wpisu). Całość tekstu została sprawdzona przez native speakerów, aby zagwarantować poprawność i naturalność. Będę wdzięczna za posłanie linka z tym opracowaniem dalej w świat, aby moja praca mogła dotrzeć do większej liczby osób. A teraz zapraszam na kolejny, tym razem letni, spacer po ulicy Czereśniowej:)

Wersja niemiecka

Materiały zostały przygotowane na podstawie książki pt. „Lato na ulicy Czereśniowej” za zgodą wydawcy
© il. Susanne Rotraut Berner
© Wydawnictwo Dwie Siostry, Warszawa, 2015
Tyt. oryg.: Sommers-Wimmelbuch (2005)

(Ukośnik każdorazowo oznacza dwie wersje: pierwsza to wersja brytyjska a druga amerykańska. Pamiętajmy jednak, że nie zawsze podziały te są sztywne. Traktujmy je jako preferencje mieszkańców UK i USA).

Grafiki pochodzą ze strony

This book depicts the lives of the residents of Czereśniowa Street when summer comes round. In summer, it’s usually very warm and a bit stormy. It’s cherry season, so the trees are full of fruit. One of the townspeople leaned a ladder up against the tree and is picking cherries and putting them in a basket. People are walking around in summer clothes: shorts, dresses, and short-sleeve tops. The townspeople are having a picnic under the tree. They are getting some sun on the blanket and bathing in the cool water. The lady with the pink polka-dotted dress and the funny hat is selling ice cream cones and balloons. The fire engine is driving with the siren on. It’s probably someone’s birthday, since several people are carrying gifts.

Page 1

There is a lot going on in the big house. On the ground floor, some painters are painting the walls. A kitten is sleeping soundly in someone’s bed. Another cat is waiting for a mouse which is coming down the stairs. In the kitchen on the first/second floor there are baskets of fruit, perhaps for making jam. A father is waiting for his little daughter in front of the house. She is using the toilet on the top floor of the house. A grandma is mowing the lawn in front of the house. A grandpa is going to a driving lesson. In the garden, a mum is breastfeeding the baby and another is hulling strawberries. Some children are playing on the swing and in the tree house. A squirrel is sitting on the balcony, holding a cherry in its paws. Do you see what animals found some cherries on the road? There’s a hedgehog, a blackbird, and a tiny snail! The motor scooter driver must be careful not to run them over. Oh no! The penguin-shaped balloon came off the ice cream cart and flew away! Can you see it next to the parrot cage? In the distance, some cows are grazing in the meadow and a fire truck is racing to action.

Page 2

The farmers are working in the field. One is ploughing/plowing the field with a plough/plow, and the other is packing straw into bales using a baler. The new road is almost ready – the road workers are painting the lines on it. Two cyclists are going on a trip near the forest. In the forest, we can see a fox and a family of deer. In summer it’s nice to spend time outdoors. Two people are walking with sticks in the meadow. This sport is called Nordic walking. Can you see the stork that has caught a frog? There are many animals on the farm. Summer is strawberry season. The donkey is also helping to collect them. What did the goat find? Yes, it’s a mole! A sheep dog is guarding the herd of sheep. Two people are riding horses. The father is pulling a cart filled with all sorts of things that his family doesn’t need anymore. The driver is refueling his motor scooter. The petrol station/gas station also sells inflatable pool toys. What do you think the girl in the green t-shirt bought? She is carrying something wrapped in wrapping paper.

Page 3

As usual, the railway station/train station is crowded. Many people are going on holiday/vacation or to visit their families. Can you see the man dressed up as a knight? He is inviting people to an exhibition. A street musician is playing the accordion. On the top floor there is a restaurant where people are cooling off with a fan and drinking refreshing drinks. The father bought his kids ice cream cones. Oh no! Some chocolate ice cream dripped onto the pavement/sidewalk. The dog wants to eat it, so it jumped off the lead/leash and ran out into the street. The grandfather driving the car has to slam on the brakes. The kids have lost their toy, can you see it? The nun is fanning herself with a hand fan. A chimney sweep is cleaning the chimney and some children are cooling off in the pool on the balcony. A mother and her son are going to a party. The mum/mom bought her son a balloon from the ice cream seller.

Page 4

There has been an accident on the bridge and some cars have caught on fire. It’s good that the fire brigade arrived quickly. The cyclists have arrived in the city center. The new nursery school/preschool is opening soon. The workers are bringing in toilets and installing solar panels. Oh no! The boy let go of his balloon and it flew away! In the cultural centre/center, the cleaners/janitors are cleaning up. The girl in the library tried to carry too many books and they fell and scattered across the floor. On the top floor there is an exhibition depicting the lives of knights in the old days. We can see a suit of armour/armor, a model castle, paintings, helmets, and weapons. Do you see the boy pulling the little girl by her plait/braid? That’s not nice behavior – you mustn’t hurt anyone.

Page 5

A storm is coming! The sky is dark and it’s started to rain. Can you see the lightning? The flea market has to be postponed to another day. Everyone has to take shelter from the rain. A lady’s hat has blown away in the wind. The dentist is trying to catch the balloon, but he isn’t succeeding. A delivery man is delivering a large package to someone using a handcart. The policeman is writing a parking ticket. The car probably belongs to the lady sitting at the hairdresser’s/hair salon. The nun found a plush/stuffed penguin and is giving it to the children.

Page 6

It’s raining for real now. Many people took shelter under the shopping centre/shopping mall roof. Some of the people who don’t have an umbrella or a raincoat are putting a bag on their heads. A strong wind is turning the umbrellas inside-out. A couple in love is standing under a tree. Remember that you shouldn’t stand under a tree or ride a bike during a thunderstorm – tall trees and metal attract lightning. You can buy very nice things in the sports shop. Do you know how to spin a hula hoop? In the shop next door, you can buy various kinds of dishes. The lower floor has shops that sell clothes and lamps (even goose-shaped lamps!). In summer, children also prepare for the new school year and buy new backpacks and school supplies. Who is riding the lift/elevator? A mum/mom and her little daughter are smiling at the balloon flying by.

Page 7

The storm is over. The sun has come out again and a rainbow has appeared in the sky. There’s a birthday party going on by the lake. The birthday girl is unwrapping her presents. People are having barbecues and sunbathing on blankets. Two boys are skipping rope/jumping rope. A reading girl is dabbling her feet in water. In the petting zoo, all the animals are enjoying the sun. On the playground, children are sliding down the slide, playing in the sand, and balancing on the see-saw. Do you see the magpie which is stealing some cutlery/silverware? It carries it to the nest it made inside a beret! Two men are chasing a dog that has stolen a yellow hat. In the lower right corner, an artist is painting a picture.

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