Jesień na Ulicy Czereśniowej – po angielsku

Jak nauczyć dziecko języka? Opowiadając mu, co się dzieje na kartach jego ulubionej książki! Przed Wami ostatnia część z serii: „Jesień na ulicy Czereśniowej”.

Wszystkie części znajdziecie tutaj.

Celem serii jest pokazanie Wam, w jaki sposób można korzystać z książek obrazkowych we wprowadzaniu języków obcych w domowym zaciszu. W założeniu ma być to głównie pomoc dla początkujących, dlatego zdania z założenia miały być jak najprostsze i zrozumiałe. Dla Waszej wygody przygotowałam również gotowe pliki z glosariuszem do pobrania w formie PDF (link na końcu wpisu). Całość tekstu została sprawdzona przez native speakerów, aby zagwarantować poprawność i naturalność. Będę wdzięczna za posłanie linka z tym opracowaniem dalej w świat <3

Wersja niemiecka

Materiały zostały przygotowane na podstawie książki pt. „Jesień na ulicy Czereśniowej” za zgodą wydawcy
© il. Susanne Rotraut Berner
© Wydawnictwo Dwie Siostry, Warszawa, 2012
Tyt. oryg.: Herbst-Wimmelbuch (2007)

Grafiki pochodzą ze strony

It is autumn on Czereśniowa Street. The leaves are turning yellow and red and will soon fall off. The street sweepers will have a lot of work to do. This is a good time to fly kites since it’s often windy. In autumn it gets colder, so you have to dress warmer and wear hats, jackets, and scarves. Mushrooms have grown under the tree. The squirrel is stocking up on nuts for the winter. The squirrel will bury them in the ground and dig them up in winter when it is hungry. The boy is feeding the goat, and another is joyfully playing with the dog, throwing it a stick. I think a circus is coming to town: can you see the performer juggling on a unicycle?

Page 1

Autumn has come to Czereśniowa Street. The leaves are falling from the trees.  The apples have ripened on the tree, and the bush is full of aromatic berries. There is a large multi-family house on the street. It is very cosy. There is a bowl of freshly picked mushrooms on the table. In the garage, the cat is feeding her kitten. The other kittens are playing happily in the box. The woman is going for a walk with her little daughter. The baby is in the carrier.

The middle flat belongs to the elderly people who have just picked a huge pumpkin. I wonder what they are going to do with it… Perhaps they will bake a pumpkin pie and invite their neighbours to join them? Or maybe they will take it to the Pumpkin Festival? There is an empty cage next to the apartment on the top floor. I wonder what happened to the parrot… Let’s try to find it! There it is! It is hiding behind the house. It is a pity that no one but the cat can see it. The family must be worried about their parrot.

Oh no! The pipes have been dug up, and one of the men accidentally damaged the water pipe. The water is gushing upwards. It turned into a real fountain. They should turn off the water quickly.

In the autumn, many leaves fall onto the street. They can be slippery, so they need to be cleaned up for safety. The dog has got off the lead and is disturbing the street cleaners. One of the employees is pushing the dog away with a broom. It has caught the attention of the passers-by who are marching with colourful lanterns. I wonder where they are going…

What else do you see in the picture? There is a hedgehog hidden under the leaves. A magpie, a tit and a blackbird are sitting on the tree. A woodpecker is pecking worms from the lawn. In the distance you can also see a fox.

Page 2

The days are cooler in autumn than in summer, but some farm animals, like chickens, pigs, and goats, are still outside. Can you see the bird with colourful feathers? It’s a peacock. The wild geese are flying in one line to warm countries to wait for the cold to pass. In the distance we can see that the circus is just unfolding. The tent has already been pitched and more circus trucks are coming. Autumn is the season for pumpkins. There is a pile of small pumpkins in the yard, and the bigger pumpkins are so heavy that you need a wheelbarrow or a cart to transport them. In autumn, in addition to pumpkins, you can also buy mushrooms, nuts, pears, eggs, and garlic in the greengrocers. Not only the animals are getting ready for winter, so are the people. In the workshop, the mechanic is changing the tyres from summer to winter ones. They need to be replaced before the winter frosts hit and the roads get slippery. Children are walking along the pavement carrying lanterns to the lantern parade. There is a light in each lantern. The sweeper is sweeping the street. The girl in the blue jacket is walking with her nose stuck in the red book. It looks like a very interesting book, but she should be careful not to trip or hit anything.

Page 3

On this page, we see a railway station. The train is getting ready to depart; it’s a freight train, so it does not carry passengers, but goods. One wagon is carrying coal and the other is carrying fuel in a large tank. Right next to it there is a couple talking. The man looks like he has a cold. He is sneezing. When we sneeze, we cover our mouths, right? A lady in a green coat with a suitcase is reading the timetable. A passenger train will probably arrive soon. Some passengers have taken the escalator and are waiting in the cafe upstairs. Children are enjoying the miniature platform mockup in the middle of the station. If you want to travel by train, you need a ticket. You can buy it at the counter or at the ticket machine. There are several stands on the platform where you can buy fruit and sandwiches. The nun and the violinist are lined up to buy bananas. What is the donkey doing? He is eating grapes from the customer’s basket in front of him. The fishmonger is putting a giant fish on display. It’s a sawfish. The lady talking on the phone is walking the dog on a long lead. I wonder who she is talking to. A smartly dressed man is buying a newspaper at a kiosk. He looks like a conductor to me, perhaps he is holding sheet music in his hand? The musician is playing the harmonica and is collecting money in a green hat. Next to him is a poster about a missing parrot. Maybe we’ll try to find it? I think the cat has already found it. Can you see what happened to the girl reading the book? She banged her head against the pole. I bet she will get a bump.

Page 4

The new nursery/preschool building has autumn decorations – colourful leaves, a pumpkin, lanterns, and balloons. 5:30 pm is approaching. In celebration of the opening of the new nursery/preschool, a huge lantern parade was organised. Adults and children have come with their colourful lanterns. The streets have been closed. The policeman is directing the traffic. A Pumpkin Festival was organised in the cultural center. Two people are bringing a huge pumpkin into the building. People are putting their pumpkins on the table. There is a ballet lesson on the upper floor. On the second floor, an employee is cleaning the library, which is already closed. On the top floor, you can see an exhibition about space expeditions, rocket ships are hanging from the ceiling, and astronaut gear is displayed in a showcase.

Page 5

An autumn festival is taking place in the market square. Lots of people came to listen to the band, dance, and eat something good. Some people are buying drinks and pretzels, while others are already sitting at tables with their friends. The skater is sitting on the bench and resting, while on another bench a child is resting on his mother’s lap. A band is performing on stage. The band consists of a guitarist, an accordionist, and a singer in a floral dress. Several couples are dancing by the fountain with a frog in a golden crown. The fountain is decorated with autumn leaves and bunches of dark grapes. The wind tore a girl’s beret off her head, which is about to fall into the fountain. There is a ladder by the chestnut tree and a gentleman is sitting on the branch. The raven has stolen a piece of cheese from a man in purple trousers. The parrot flew away again and is hiding behind a wooden goose. The cat is watching it. Many people are carrying lanterns – this is the great lantern parade. The conductor is leading the parade while the violinist is playing the violin. A policeman is keeping things orderly. The chimney sweep is standing on the roof and cleaning the chimney. The bookseller is hanging a garland of autumn leaves over the entrance to the bookstore. There is a pumpkin lamp in the window of the dentist’s office. There are a pair of skis and a garden umbrella in the attic. Colorful lamps were hung on the facades of the apartment buildings. Smoke is rising from the chimney. The kiosk is closed.

Page 6

Today there are a lot of shoppers in the shopping center. The man in the red tracksuit is going to the toilet. Several people are riding on the escalator, and the couple is buying a trip at the travel agency. On the second floor, you can buy various household appliances: toasters, sewing machines, microwave ovens, citrus presses, and much more. The girl is trying on a fairy hat and the boy is trying on a monster mask. There are various masks and hats to choose from at the costume shop. In the clothing store, the lady is looking in the mirror while the other is peeping into the fitting room. The boy is hiding between the skirts on the rack. The gentleman is sitting on the stool and reading a newspaper. Someone is entering the multi-storey garage in a yellow car. In the shop window, there is a cat with a red umbrella and strawberries. Someone left a teddy bear in the green car. The shop on the ground floor is under renovation – the gentleman is standing on the ladder and the lady is giving him a screwdriver. There is a cigarette butt on the pavement next to a balance bike.

The great Lantern Parade is going on, and the lanterns come in all shapes and sizes. The nun’s lantern is in the shape of a penguin and the lady in red polka dot trousers is carrying a lantern with a toadstool. The fish-shaped lantern belongs to the girl with the plait. Toy bats are hanging in the display window on the ground floor, and a black teddy bear in a red mask and cape is sitting on a broomstick – these are Halloween decorations. The teddy bear in the overalls has a pumpkin for a head. The raven with the stolen cheese is sitting on a brick wall, and a fox is watching it. The gentleman with the backpack is riding on the lift; he and the cat are looking at the parrot that is hiding in the tree.

Page 7

On the last page we see the destination of the lantern parade. It’s a concert! The conductor is directing the choir, and a violinist is playing next to him. Whole families have gathered at the lantern parade, and the adults and children are singing. It’s a great idea to light up a gloomy autumn day. People brought colourful lanterns in various shapes with them. There is a sun, a moon, a fish, a cat … and many other animals. Which of the lanterns do you like the most?

It is warm and cosy in a nearby cafe. All the tables are taken. I see a couple there who arranged to meet for a nice chat. However, the man is busy with his work; he has a laptop in front of him and is talking on the phone. How do you think his partner is feeling?

There are signs of autumn everywhere. In the sky you can see a line of departing geese. It has clearly cooled down, smoke is rising from the chimneys, and the townspeople are warmly dressed. Squirrels are collecting nuts for winter. Some of the leaves on the trees have changed colour, and the rest have already fallen to the ground. Someone has raked the fallen leaves into a colourful pile.

Only a few animals have remained in the pen – 3 llamas and a pair of rabbits. A farmer is delivering food for the animals in a wheelbarrow. A fox is sneaking around in the distance, probably hoping for some easy prey. The playground was completely deserted. You can only see the bucket, spade and a sand mould left. Today, the saleswoman, who has recently sold ice cream from her cart, is selling an autumn delicacysweet chestnuts. Would you like to try them? Even though it is only late afternoon it is already getting dark. A couple with a dog are standing on the hills and are admiring the full moon. Can you see where the magpie has hidden its treasure?

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